Why you Shouldn’t Just Sell on Instagram

Why you Shouldn’t Just Sell on Instagram

Yeah, selling on Instagram can be a great way to highlight products and reach customers, but it isn’t the only way.

Investing in a website can be one of the best purchases made for your business.

Selling on Instagram has many advantages and benefits. Instagram adds personality to your brand, and you can create a lifestyle around it. You can personally connect with your followers and build a community. It allows you to view and share images and videos of your brand's products, team, and culture, as well as show how your customers are using your products.

But with all these benefits, why should I consider a website?

Research shows that people can be hesitant to message brands via dm and share personal information. Moreover, it is frustrating for customers to browse Instagram and having to message brands to ask for product pricing and more information.

Having your own E-Commerce website adds more credibility and legitimacy to your brand. It provides more options for your customers such as alternate payment methods.

An E-Commerce website allows users to browse products, read reviews, view prices and make a purchasing decision without feeling pressured. Although ordering products directly through Instagram DM’s creates a personal connection between the customer and seller, it can also create some discomfort as the customer may not want to share personal information directly over an Instagram chat.

Furthermore, selling on Instagram prevents people from having the option to shop 24/7. Usually, when a person messages a business through Instagram, they must wait for someone to reply. With an online website, people can order at any time.

A well-developed and optimized website is a mandatory tool for your business to display your skills, ideas, and services. A website will build a strong foundation for your business, so why wait, you can start today!

We here at Digiturnal can build you the best, professional website.

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