How to Sell on Instagram? 3 Secrets that actually work in 2021

Instagram Secrets to grow your business


Instagram used to be a photo sharing app where people got excited when they get likes. Nowadays, businesses are using Instagram as an outlet to sell products; in fact, there are shops that only exist on Instagram. Hence, what is the reason some business succeeds while others keep trying with a great deal of effort with no results? 

Do you have an amazing product but face a hard time finding customers to buy? Tired of reading and watching videos about how to sell on Instagram without any actual results? Look no further! In This blog, we will walk you through the top 5 secrets of how to sell successfully on Instagram and outsmart your competition. These secrets will apply to all different Instagram pages, be it a big company or a startup, be it you are selling a product or a service.

Make sure to read until the end as we have a surprise waiting for you!

1. Build a lifestyle around your brand on Instagram

Ever wondered why when you visit GoPro’s Instagram page that they don’t have a post about their cameras? All their posts are of adventurous people enjoying their life with the thrill of adventure. If so, how come they sell thousands of cameras on daily basis worldwide?

The answer is simpler than you think, you need to show people the lifestyle they dream about. There is a saying “Amateurs promote…Professionals share!”. 

Many companies fall in the trap of constantly posting about their products or services, their Instagram page turn to a lifeless catalog from the 70s. Instead, show people indirectly the lifestyle that is associate with your product or brand; subconsciously, they will know that if they buy from you, they will have the same lifestyle.

2. The 75% Rule to get people to trust you on Instagram

Instagram shops tend to continuously post about their products and services, chasing their customers for few sales and luring them in with discounts and promotions? It’s not very effective and you are always fearful of a competitor sweeping them with a better deal.

Instead, post valuable content; educational content if you may. Educate people about your industry and give the impression that you have their best interest in mind.

Let us take few examples to demonstrate how this could apply to any business.

Example 1:  Makeup accessories shop wants to promote its new set of makeup brushes. 

These are the four posts they planned to put on Instagram:

  1. Post 1: How to take care of your skin?
  2. Post 2: Which makeup look fits your face best?
  3. Post 3: What makes a makeup accessory good for your skin?
  4. Post 4: Need a makeup brush, why not try our special new brush?

Example 2:  Software development agency wants to promote its services. These are the four posts they planned to put on Instagram:

  1. Post 1: How to setup your website without a developer?
  2. Post 2: Which tools help you get more traffic to your website?
  3. Post 3: How to choose the right technology for your website? 
  4. Post 4: Need an E-Commerce website, why not try our special offer?

Notice any trend from the above examples? We have a 75% percentage of value posts and 25% of products and services offer. With each value post, you are slowly convincing your followers that you are an expert in your domain and thus gain their interest to buy from you.

3. Get people to like you on Instagram

It’s a tough one, but you need people to like you! Your brand personality needs to be real, relatable to your target audience and always convey that you have your customer’s best interest in mind. 

Take a second to thing why people love showing off their Apple products? Why do we notice people in airports and coffee shops who have a Macbook but never notice HP or Lenovo laptops? It’s simple. Apple’s aligns with people who are creative, innovative and hard working. Make sure your type of posts relates to your followers.

Tips for your brand personality on Instagram

Always make sure your brand personality conveys the below three key points in every post, story, reel and interaction with your audience:

  1. That you understand your customer
  2. That you know your customer’s pains and needs
  3. That you will always help your customers


Customers need to like and trust your business. You need ot regularly remind them that you have a product or service that solves a pain they have, even better, change their life to the better. It’s about human interaction … do us a favor and don’t flood your profile with products and services only!

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