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At Digiturnal, we provide custom projects that are specifically tailored for you, taking into account the specifics of your niche, business requirements, and interests. Our proficient team offers an extensive range of solutions and well-optimized projects that perfectly fits in with your needs.

Our Process Ensures We Build Something That Works!

Being custom project experts in Qatar, we offer cost-effective, flexible, and customized solutions to flourish your business. Digiturnal believes in the highest of quality standards, our mission is to build solutions that actually get used and help companies grow.

We have crafted and mastered a process to build a tailored solution for SMEs and Enterprises. Our team starts by understanding the company’s goals, it can be software to optimize operations in a specific department or to facilitate the time spent by employees doing manual work to increase work efficiency.

Once the requirements and goals are finalized. Depending on the scenario, Digiturnal’s experienced web design and development team conducts on-site visits to end-users to ensure the solutions cater to their needs as well without disturbing their current processes they follow. It is very important to sit with the end-users and understand their current struggles and include them in the scope.

The next step is to gather all the information and research into a functional and non-functional requirements document as well as develop extensive security measures and testing scenarios to ensure the best quality. After all, stakeholders agreed to the defined scope; the User Experience (UX) process starts.

The UX process starts by defining user personas, user journey maps, and sitemaps. Afterward, the low-fidelity mockups (wireframes)  to ensure the end-users have the best experience while using the solution. After numerous iterations and approval, the process of applying the client’s branding to the wireframe into high-fidelity mockups (interactive mockups).

The produced interactive prototypes are then given to a sample of the end-users to test their responses to the new solution and iterate the prototype based on their feedback.

Once all the requirements and designs are approved; Digiturnal’s team moves to the development phase. Our team follows a systematic development process to ensure fast and high-quality delivery of milestones. Everything is tested by the end developer, the lead developer, a QA tester, and the project manager before handing it to the client for final User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Once the solution is delivered, we make sure to provide extensive training to all system users and based on the client’s desire to move to a maintenance contract where continuous monitoring of performance, errors, and security is conducted.

With Digiturnal, you don’t have to worry about anything; we do everything with the best quality.

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