4 Things to Mull Over When Designing Your Business Website

4 Things to Mull Over When Designing Your Business Website

“Good Design Is like a Refrigerator—When It Works, No One Notices, but When It Doesn’t, It Sure Stinks.” –Irene AU

The design of a website is an influencing aspect that has a tremendous impact on the way people comprehend a brand.

3 to 5 seconds, that’s all you have to turn a website visitor into your client, and the website overall outlook is the real game-changer here.

In this age of digitalization, Internet users are left with no option other than to hop out, immediately when they land on your poorly structured website having a layout that makes the browsing a bit challenging. This means your website’s design framework is the secret ingredient in the recipe for success.

Regardless, you are revamping your old, clumsy-designed website or building a fresh site, here are the things you must take into account before hitting the “Live” button.

1.  Know Your Target Audience

Though this seems like a no-brainer, there are still so many websites those not echoing with the principal interest of its users. Whether you are a ninja of creativity or hiring a website design NYC agency, analyzing your target visitors & market is one step surge towards accomplishing better user experiences. Moreover, this facet is of substantial magnitude during the web development phase, and often termed as the real game-changer.

It is also not peculiar if a website has more than one primary user group. For instance, you have a job portal where the candidates come to explore the best job opportunities in their geographic location. So, when inking an undertaking with a web designing company, zero down on your user audiences, identify the “Why” they stumbled on your website, and what factors to envelop when building a highly engaging site.

2. Mobile-Friendly Design

In this epoch of digitalization, a smartphone is just about in every pocket.  A fact to hurl at your way, by the year 2020 the worldwide smartphone users will hit the mark of 2.87 billion. As a business, the mobile-first policy is the need of the hour to prompt your business’s upward revenue slope. 51% of the web traffic consists of mobile visitors, so your unresponsive website loss is denting your revenue figure in a big way; you’re probably out on sales just about every day.

A mobile-friendly, tailored design formulated by an innovative New York City web design firm involves optimization of a myriad of web elements. These include the way the logo and the images appear on different gadgets-smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Secondly, how the text adapts to different screens, the content must be readable, and most importantly, how the call-to-action button looks.

3. The Scalability

People make the most prevalent mistake of designing a website that only caters to the present needs. There is no better time to spare a thought to your business prospects than while designing/redesigning your business website. Too often, we spend a large amount of money building a website, a few months later only to discover the site is lacking in terms of functionality, and unable to meet the traffic requirements. Also, this is one factor that has an equally important role in developing a website.

This is of great significance to pay heed to how your business will shape in the next couple of years. Here, you’re required to talk to a reputable web design company and put forth your business plans, so that they paint a picture of your business needs and requirements. This is why keeping the scalability factor at the top priority while designing your website will save you from the future hassles that may arise owing to your site’s inability to meet your business demands.

4. Choosing a Content Management System

When designing a website speak to your web design company NYC with regards to selecting a Content Management System. Today, there are a lot of options in the market, with WordPress being the most popular. It let you easily update the content and the site will be 100% customizable. However, just about every business has its unique set of problems that need to be addressed and this ultimately impacts your decision on picking a CMS for the website.

To Wrap Up

By keeping these four considerations in mind, businesses of diverse industries will end up making their website design investment successful, ensuring all the fundamental needs are catered and at the same time the overall design is resonating with your business goals. But, before that, take your time to find a creative website design agency having a panel of qualified graphic designers to deliver custom web designing services.


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